Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This Is Your Brain in Love by Dr. Earl Henslin (Review)

Paperback: 240 pages
Publisher: Thomas Nelson (January 12, 2010)
ISBN-13: 978-0785228752

About the book:
Learn the secrets of proactive passion.
Using the latest in brain research, This Is Your Brain in Love helps couples become Master Level Lovers by encouraging each mate to bring their healthiest, most balanced and joyful self to their marriage.

Dr. Henslin speaks to the vital connection between spirituality and sexuality. He identifies the five types of lovers, with ground-breaking insights and effective solutions for the challenges presented by each:
* Scattered Lover
* Over-focused Lover
* Blue Mood Lover
* Agitated Lover
* Anxious Lover

Filled with relatable stories and humor, this is not your boring brain book! Engaging and practical, Dr. Henslin provides an amazingly accurate, scientifically-based brain test to help spot typical brain imbalances. (And yes, most everyone has at least one!)
My Review:
This was an interesting look at the human brain and love. I read This Is Your Brain on Joy last year and I loved it. I am not married or in a serious relationship so I did not get as much out of this book as someone who would. That said it was still a great book. Dr. Henslin is a Christian counselor that became intrigued with SPECT Brain scans and interpreting the results around fifteen years ago. This book was easy to read and understand and not dry or boring. There are case studies and funny moments too. I found the mini quizzes interesting and I took them. I found myself identifying with some of the ADHD characteristics. lol His theory of bringing your best brain to marriage is great. I am going to reread this if I am ever in a serious relationship. Recommended. :)

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Tracy said...

I think that love and all that it enables within us is just starting to be felt & understoood

Thanks for sharing!

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