Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Short Story Reading Challenge 2010

I do not have much experience with short stories beyond literature class. Over the past year I have seen them reviewed on other blogs and my curiosity is piqued so when I saw this challenge it was perfect. I am joining option 1/2. I already know I am going to check out Ford County by John Grisham and The Torturers Apprentice by John Biguenet. Probably some Flannery O'Connor too. :)

For more information and the rules go here:

Options 1 & 2: If you're short on time, you can simply commit to reading ten short stories by ten different authors over the course of 2010. If you're relatively new to reading short stories, any ten will do. If you’ve already got a lot of short stories under your belt, make it ten short stories by ten writers whose work you have not yet read. How about that—a year long challenge that you could conceivably complete in the course of a day!

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