Friday, January 1, 2010

TBR Reading Challenge 2010

The TBR Challenge is hosted by Miz B and the link to sign up or read FAQ is:
I am signing up because I have several TBR shelves and I need to be reading off them. :)

** Pick 12 books – one for each month of the year - that you’ve been wanting to read (that have been on your “To Be Read” list) for 6 months or longer, but haven’t gotten around to.

** OPTIONAL: Create a list of 12 “Alternates” (books you could substitute for your challenge books, given that a particular one doesn’t grab you at the time)

** Then, starting January 1, read one of these books from your list each month, ending December 31. )

My List:
1. Kiss Me If You Dare by Nicole Young
2. One Foot in the Black by Kurt Kamm
3. Storm Surge by Rene Gutteridge
4. The Splitting Storm by Rene Gutteridge
5. Storm Gathering by Rene Gutteridge
6. Seaside Letters by Denise Hunter
7. She's in a Better Place by Angela Hunt
8. Symphony of Secrets by Sharon Hinck
9. Healing Sands by Nancy Rue and Stephen Arterburn
10. MIA: Missing in Atlanta by Debby Giusti
11. A Women's Place by Lynn Austin
12. Sunset Beach by Trish Perry

List of Alternates:
1. The Book of Jane by Anne Dayton and May Vanderbilt
2. Perfect Piece by Rebecca Seitz
3. Forsaken by James David Jordan
4. Conspiracy in Kiev by Noel Hynd
5. The Flower of Grass by John Robinson
6. Flies on the Butter by Denise Hildreth
7. What I Wish I'd Known before I Got Married by Kay Cole James
8. Around the World in 80 dates by Christa Bannister
9. Poisoned Secrets by Margaret Daley
10. Evidence of Murder by Jill Elizabeth Nelson
11. Betrayed by Jeanette Windle
12. Bayou Betrayal by Robin Carroll

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