Tuesday, August 3, 2010

June Reading in Review

Okay so this is really late but better than never. I read 21 books in June. My absolute favorites are in bold. I had a pretty good variety this month. I read a few nonfiction books which is good for the nonfiction reading challenge I am doing. I thought Miss Pettigrew was good but a little over rated maybe because of all the great buzz it had before I read it. The Heart Mender is one of my favorite books I have read this year. :)

126. Green Like God by Jonathan Merrill NF
127. Not a Sparrow Falls by Linda Nichols
128. Texas Roads by Cathy Bryant
129. Dying to Live by Clive Calver NF
130. The Man Who Loved Books Too Much by Allison Hoover Bartlett NF
131. A Hopeful Heart by Kim Vogel Sawyer
132. Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day by Winifred Watson
133. Snow Melts in Spring by Deborah Vogts
134. Seeds of Summer by Deborah Vogts
135. The Six Liter Club by Harry Kraus
136. The Heart Mender by Andy Andrews
137. A Tailor Made Bride by Karen Whitemeyer
138. Ransome's Honor by Kaye Dacus
139. The Princess by Lori Wick (Reread)
140. I'll Mature When I'm Dead by Dave Barry NF
141. The BabySitters Club The Summer Before by Ann Martin
142. The Case of the Missing Books by Ian Sansom
143. Marcelo in the Real World by Francisco Stork
144. Twin Targets by Marta Perry
145. Killer Headline by Debby Giusti
146. The Mailbox by Marybeth Whalen
147. Simple Secrets by Nancy Mehl

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