Monday, August 9, 2010

Crazy Book Swap

This event is being hosted by Wallace at

Brittanie: This sounds like a lot of fun. I have read several good books this year. I can't wait to see what happens. :)

What if you were to receive a book that you HAD to read and review? You didn’t know the author, the title, or even the genre. Scary. I know.

So who’s in? This, my people, is my form of bungy jumping, skydiving, scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef… this is my no-contact adrenaline rush sport (since I have never and will never do the former). Just call me crazy, wild Wallace: she reads books that she didn’t even choose. Ooooh, ahhh, I can hear the crowd now in utter amazement.

This Book Swap is open to all readers (no matter what country). Please keep in mind that because most of the participants will be English speaking (and because this blog is in English), the books should also be written in English. If you live in a country that offers Media Mail (the U.S. does, for those who live here), make sure you chose that way of sending the book when you go to the Post Office (it is loads cheaper to send books this way).

The Mission if You Choose to Accept It:

1.Sign Up with THE FIRST link list.Link to your blog (or GoodReads, LibraryThing, etc. account), so we all know who’s in. Deadline to sign up = Saturday, August 14th.

2.E-Mail me ( with the address to which you want the book sent. Make sure CRAZY BOOK SWAP is in the subject line so your e-mail doesn’t get overlooked.

3.Chose an Unputdownable book of almost (see below) any genre to send to someone else. The book must have been an Unputdownable read for you (the goal here is to give someone a book that they will actually like — an expand their horizons and introduce them to new literature). Note, you may send a used copy as long as it is in good condition. Please do not send a book that is over 400 pages.

4.Once you receive the e-mail from me, send the book as soon as possible.

5.Read whichever book you receive and then review it. Once you have reviewed it, link back to THE SECOND link list (which will be up after the sign-ups have closed), so we can read your review! Remember, you are not obligated to like the book — just to give it a try and let us know what you thought.

The Only Rule:

◦Books may be of any genre excluding pornography (I don’t mean bawdy Romance novels– those are fine– I’m talking about straight pornographic material, do I even need to say that?), and Horror (too risky that someone won’t read it out of fear… have already had requests for no horror and I know I couldn’t read that either).

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