Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Salon December 6, 2009

The Sunday

* I have not accomplished much reading this weekend. It has been pretty busy.

* Yesterday I went shopping with my sister and cousin and out to lunch. That night I went with my aunt and cousin to a Christmas competition for singers etc. I had a great time. It was good spending time with them.

* Today has been weird. I have not been able to focus. I read two books though which is good. So total three for the weekend. I have several reading challenges I need to finish but some of the books are hard to read and I am getting stuck. So I have put bookmarks in them and set them aside for right now. Any advice?

* Read this weekend:

-Blessings of the Season by Annie Jones and Brenda Minton

-Understood Betsy by Dorothy Canfield Fisher

-Paper Towns by John Green

* They were all okay. I am still thinking about Paper Towns. Not sure what to make of it yet.

* I hope to read one more book tonight. I have finished all the dishes, laundry, etc. :)

* I hope everyone has a great week and can find reading time! :)

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