Sunday, August 24, 2014

Popular by Tindell Baldwin (Review)

“My heart is for teenage girls because my story is much like so many of theirs. I was just a girl who made a lot of mistakes. I was a girl who had sex before marriage and then had a broken heart. I was a girl who did drugs and drank to fill the void that was deep in my heart. I was a girl who was desperate to be popular. A girl who, like so many others, didn’t know the dark side of sin. So my aim is to reach teenage girls, and through an honest account of my darkest sins, show them what they are up against. My heart is that teens would hear my story and flee to Christ. My greatest desire is that God would be glorified above all else.”

Through a two-part journey (“Dark” and “Light”), Tindell details how she said goodbye to her family’s God and pursued popularity at all costs while climbing the social chain in high school. During a night of partying, she even encountered the man suspected of killing Natalee Holloway in Aruba. But God did not leave Tindell. The “Light” part of her story shows how she reconnected with God, changed her ways, and discovered abundant and real life through Christ.

My Review:

This book was way too long. The same details were told over and over again. The story itself was heartbreaking. I have teenage cousins and I worry about them all the time facing the pressures of drugs, alcohol, and s*x.  Tindell seems to have fallen hard into the pressures of a teen and stayed there for years. In the end God got through to her and she turned her life around. In this book she expressed her mission of helping teenage girls not make the same mistakes she did. If they did make them she wants to help them recover and find freedom through Christ. I think it is a great mission and inspiring how God turned her life around.

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