Saturday, October 3, 2009

100 Mile Fitness Challenge

I am joining a challenge other than reading. I hope I will not fail this one because I am not known for exercising. I work in a PT place and can use the facilities after the patients leave but I don't. I have a treadmill at home covered in dust. Everyone needs to do some cardio to be healthy so maybe this challenge will motivate me to move! The purpose of this challenge is to exercise 100 miles. It is being hosted by Trish whose regular book blog is:

For more details and rules go here:

I will update occasionally on my progress or lack there of. :)


Bookfool said...

How cool that you have equipment to use *and* a treadmill at home! I have wanted a treadmill for as long as I can remember, but we don't have room for one. Our rooms are too small. Maybe when the kiddo moves off to college, I can use his room . . . he'll love that. LOL

Trish said...

Thanks so much for signing up Brittanie! I know how hard it is to get on that treadmill and with the colder weather coming I need the extra motivation. Glad you're there "walking" with us all!

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