Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Sunday Salon January 23, 2011

The Sunday

* This weekend has flown by so quick.

* Bloggiesta Ole! is this weekend and I have not accomplished as much as I wanted too.

* I have written a review, cleaned out my email, cleaned out my google reader, and written this post. I need to update my sidebar for reading challenges and write some more book reviews. I am not sure how much I will do.

* Friday my ears were acting up again and I have no idea what is wrong with them. When I talk it feels like I am in a tunnel and it echoes. I missed some of my workouts last week because of it and I am not a happy camper.

* Saturday I cleaned in the morning and that afternoon had my hair cut then ran errands. That night I went to Pie Works and had bread sticks, salad, and pizza with my Dad, Sister, and Grandmother. Ick on calories again. I love pizza and its my favorite food but I think I need to cut back on it. lol

* Today I have cleaned the house some, read some, blogged some, and eaten way too much. I do not know what it is about being at home all day that makes me want to eat. It's awful. My ears are acting up again after not doing it yesterday. I really hope I can do my workouts this week and get off these extra calories. It is common sense to just not eat them in the first place but that is easier said than done sometimes. Besides I have never had a lot of common sense. :) I really do not want to look like I did before or worse. Motivation is getting harder and harder to do what it takes. I need a permanent lifestyle change for it to stick.

* Book wise I have read two books this weekend and I hope to finish a third tonight. Reading goal wise I am doing okay. I have not really gotten into the Count of Monte Cristo yet so I am a little behind on it but I built a little leeway time in so its still okay. I checked a lot of nutrition books out of the library so maybe I will practice some of the information I learn.

* I hope everyone has a great week and lots of reading time. :)


carole said...

Hi! Just stumbled upon your blog and was amazed at how much you read in a year. Curious to know how many hours a night you spend reading--I only manage about an hour so I read so little in a year. Very impressed that you can read 3 books in just one weekend!

audreygeddes said...

You got a lot of great tasks accomplished. That is wonderful. I think your book finds are good choices for the new year. I also decided to get myself a book related to nutrition called, Full: A Life Without Dieting, by Michael Snyder, M.D. I am enjoying this one because the author teaches you how to, instead of dieting, make healthier food choices that actually help you stay full longer. I highly recommend this one.

Shauna- Reading and Ruminations said...

How long are you giving yourself to read The Count of Monte Cristo? I haven't started it yet, but I think I am going to try to read it in February (and give myself the whole month to read it. Hm. Maybe I should have aimed for a month that wasn't the shortest of the year...)

I didn't accomplish as much with my unofficial Bloggiesta as I wanted to either, but on the whole, I was happy to get anything done.

Have a great week!

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