Tuesday, January 6, 2009

5 Mintues for Books Classics Bookclub-Hamlet

This month's selection was Hamlet by William Shakespeare.
Apparently I am not good at reading plays without a teacher. I did not finish Hamlet. I think I am going to rent one of the movies others are recommending and then try it again.


Jennifer, Snapshot said...

I know! Having a teacher breathe down your neck helps, doesn't it?

You should rent a movie. I'll talk about two of them in the Books on Screen column Thursday.

Kipi said...

I am such a visual learner, so I totally understand how much seeing the play can help to understand what is going on. I've seen Mel Gibson's film so I can highly recommend it. I haven't seen Kenneth Branaugh's Hamlet, but I have seen some of his other Shakespearean movies, and they are all very good.

Bluestocking said...

Kenneth Branagh is worth the watch!

Nise' said...

I definitely recommend reading with the original on one side and a translation on the other. It helped me.