Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Sunday Salon June 5, 2011

The Sunday

* I have not been a very good blogger lately. Lots of distractions in my life. One of the things I have neglected are my Sunday posts but not today. lol

* I am reading slower than normal. Lots of issues with focusing and staying in one spot long enough to finish a book. My tbr stacks are in my bedroom and overwhelm the living daylights out of me. I have gotten rid of some books but I still have like fourteen shelves of unread books. I want to read everything all at the same time. I have not read a single book this weekend. I am working on The Lady of Bolton Hill by Elizabeth Camden for a book tour this week. It is good so the problem is with me.

* Today I have a lot of cooking to do and a little cleaning. I am also spending the afternoon at my Mom's house in the pool. :)

* Saturday I was busy all day. I went to the gym, post office, Kroger, Wal Mart, the pool, and a festival for a short period. I was really tired last night and way too much sugar to compensate for it.

* My diet and exercise life change are kinda turbulent right now. I really want to cut back on my grains and sugar but it seems like I can't. I don't think I am addicted to sugar because I don't drink soda or eat candy. I do eat a lot of Kashi cereal bars, granola bars, and regular cereal. I eat ice cream/frozen yogurt at least once a week. It is already really hot here in the Deep South and I love and crave ice cream. The frozen yogurt at Bops is really good but a little too sweet. I am also having trouble keeping all my workouts going because I get so tired by the middle of the week. I have noticed fat gain in the belly area which makes me not happy at all. I am eating a lot more fruits and vegetables so that is one postive. So definitely struggling overall.

* My work is going better because I am staying caught up more. I don't want to jinx myself though. For reasons I am keeping to myself the next two weeks are going to be rough so please pray for me.

* School is not going good at all. I am still in the first class and I should be in the third. I do not like online classes which I knew before I started. I either need to get my but in gear or drop out. So I am thinking about that too. My head feels like it is spinning in circles there is so much going through it on a daily basis.

* Off to work on my goals for the day. I hope everyone has a great Sunday and a good week with lots of reading time. :)

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Monique said...

Sounds like you are busy and booked. Which can be a good things at times even if it does take away from reading time. As long as you are enjoying yourself.

Happy Reading