Saturday, December 4, 2010

Reading Challenges Update

Since I am having reading issues the last part of this year I have decided to call it quits on several reading challenges. I am seriously disappointed in myself but I am going to cut back next year and hopefully succeed at all of my goals. All of these reading challenges are great and I really wanted to complete them. :)

Calling it quits:
- 18th and 19th century Women writers
- TBR Reading challenge
- Decades 2010
- Review every book you read
- Read your own books
- Short Stories

Still working on:
- Flashback
- Christian Historical Fiction
- Holiday Reading Challenge
- Fall Into Reading
- I Better finish these books in 2010

I hope this reduces my stress level a little. I may end up not finishing all of the ones I am still working on. We'll see come December 31, 2010. :)


Bellezza said...

It is so easy to get stressed about one's challenges and not reading enough for them. Or, completing them and realizing that there were a ton of other books you never got to! I'm of a mixed mind when it comes to Challenges; love the people one meets, hate the obligation. I think you were wise to recognize your 'limitations'.

Bookfool said...

I only took on two challenges and managed to finish one. I can't even imagine trying to juggle so many. You've done great.

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