Saturday, December 4, 2010

October Reads in Review

In the month of October I read 12 books. I don't remember this month very well as to why it was such a bad numbers month but I liked pretty much everything I read. I was a little disappointed in Dark Road to Darjeeling but I will still read the next Lady Julia Gray mystery. My absolute favorites are in bold.

214. Goodness Gracious Green by Judy Christie
215. The House on Malcolm Street by Leisha Kelly
216. The Wife's Tale by Lori Lansens
217. Within My Heart by Tamara Alexander
218. Dark Road to Darjeeling by Deanna Raybourn
219. While We're Far Apart by Lynn Austin
220. Don't Look Back by Lynette Eason
221. Emily's Chance by Sharon Gillenwater
222. Lydia's Charm by Wanda Brunstetter
223. Heaven to Betsy by Maud Hart Lovelace
224. Betsy In Spite of Herself by Maud Hart Lovelace
225. Betsy Was a Junior by Maud Hart Lovelace
226. Betsy and Joe by Maud Hart Lovelace

1 comment:

BrendaC said...

Goodness Gracious Green is on my self to read, need to get it done, and Don't Look Back was the first time reading anything by Lynette Eason, and now I am hooked!

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