Wednesday, July 3, 2013

TJ and the Time Stumblers: AAAARGH! by Bill Myers (Review)

This six-book series centers around two 23rd century goofballs, Tuna and Herby, who travel back in time to study TJ Finkelstein for their history project. TJ will someday become a great leader who demonstrates honesty, integrity, thoughtfulness, self-sacrifice, respect for others—all traits she hones and grasps through her adventures in this series. Unfortunately, Tuna and Herby get stuck in TJ’s time (modern day), so she has to deal with their schemes while juggling the normal issues of a seventh grader who has moved to a new city, is trying to fit in, and is coping with her mother’s death and her family’s new life.

In AAAARGH!!!, Tuna and Herby try to help TJ with a book report by getting the author to write it for her, but all three of them quickly see the consequences of cheating spiral out of control. Meanwhile, TJ’s cute neighbor and classmate Chad Steel is getting ready for a big surfing competition—and learning his own lesson about honesty.

My Review:
This was another interesting installment in the TJ and the Time Stumblers series. This is the second book and could be read alone. The main message in this one is honesty and being truthful in all aspects of life. For TJ it was a book report that Tuna and Herby had the author of Treasure Island write for her. For Chad it was a surf board with extra powers. I did not like the scene in the beginning of the book where TJ stomped on the foot of a pirate and he said Argh and bleeps. This book should not have any cussing in it. It is meant for the 8 to 10 age group. Overall I liked it. Tuna and Herby bring out more interesting gadgets that never seem to work the way they are supposed too. Kids will find their antics funny. Recommended with caution.

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