Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Secrets Over Sweet Tea by Denise Hildreth Jones (Review)

Secrets can be funny things. We think they keep us safe, but more often than not, they spill out when we least expect and make a mess out of everything. It’s a truth Scarlett Jo Newberry knows all too well—a truth Grace Shepherd and Zach Craig are about to learn the hard way. As the lives of this boisterous pastor’s wife, polished news anchor, and beleaguered divorce attorney intersect in the tree-lined streets of Franklin, Tennessee, scandal threatens to topple their carefully constructed worlds. Grasping at survival, they embark on a journey of friendship and courage, desperate to find a way back to laughter, love, and life.

My Review:

I loved this book. It is a great Southern relationship women's fiction book. The characters and plot are interesting and well written. Scarlett Jo is way out there but okay with herself. She is an outspoken loud atypical preacher's wife and her husband loves her. Grace Shepherd is a professional news anchor married to a professional hockey player who is an alcoholic. He is neglectful and their relationship has been on the rocks for years. She is very lonely and sad. Scarlett Jo will not leave her alone when she moves to the neighborhood but instead helps her as she starts to change her life. She hates divorcing her husband but knows it is the right thing to do at that point. She begins the healing process with the help of Scarlett Jo even though they are nothing alike. Zach Craig also lives on the street and is having an affair with the music director at the church where Scarlett Jo's husband is pastor. The Bible says every sin eventually comes to light and his wife caught him in the act. It is not all his fault though. She is cold, manipulating, and under her mother's thumb. He just wants to be needed and loved which is what we all want. He admits that what he did is wrong and wants to rebuild the relationship with his wife. All three main characters end up interacting with each other. The main theme of the book is reclaiming your heart. Denise is really good at character development and they pop off the page in this book. There are several fun and light hearted moments too. The book is not heavy and serious the whole time. I really felt for these characters. The author did a good job with the atmosphere and lyrical aspect to the writing. I finished this book last week and it has still stayed with me. I passed it on to a coworker who I thought it might help. There is a companion non fiction book about reclaiming your heart that I really want. Highly Recommended!

About the author:

Denise Hildreth Jones is an author and Bible Study teacher. Her books have been hailed as "smart and witty" by The Library Journal and featured twice in Southern Living. She lives in Franklin, Tennessee, with her husband, five bonus children, and her dog where she leads Reclaiming Hearts Ministries. Visit her at

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