Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Light, the Dark, and Ember Between by J. W. Nicklaus

About the Book:
A collection of short stories, each a splinter’s reflection of the human condition, firmly centered upon our oft tenuous, sometimes tensile bond with Hope, and careening flirtation with Love.

Fifteen stories: From the wispy fog of a love lost at sea, to an orphaned child who delivers a present of her own during a war-torn Christmas. These stories are gentle reminders to each of us of what it is to be human, and certainly of our affinity for the slightest glint of Hope.
My Review:
This is an enchanting collection of short stories. Several are haunting and stay with you. The most touching to me was Winter Rose which is set overseas during wartime. The most interesting and longer is One Washington Diner. Broken is another one that stuck with me. The title is very fitting for the collection. There are some lighter stories and some darker in nature. All of them are filled with vivid descriptions. I am not much of a short story reader but for the most part I enjoyed this collection. :)

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About the Author:
J.W. Nicklaus resides in a place not entirely fit for human habitation about five months of the year. No pets to speak of, only the apparitions from which all romantics suffer.

An Arizona native, he’s been from one coast to the other, and a few places in between. College brought an AA in Journalism with a minor in Photography, and a Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications. His work experience has run the gamut from Creative Director for a small advertising firm in Tucson to a litigation support bureau in Phoenix (and assuredly some awkward stuff in the mix).

Snow has been featured prominently in his stories, perhaps because of the seasonless cli-mate he lives in. Nature was meant to be enjoyed and experienced, not hidden from the senses. So to that end, he hopes someday to live amongst those who are able to live through four true seasons, and not just blast furnace and warm.

He enjoys the occasional Arizona Diamondbacks game with his son, as well as watching him grow up. The experience of being a single dad has taught him far more about himself than he ever thought possible.

Within the expanse of every waking moment, he hopes his guardian angel keeps its arms open wide and heart ever watchful, for there but for one true Hope goes She.

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J.W. Nicklaus said...

Thank you so much for your kind words, Brittanie! This is the first time I've heard Winter Rose, Broken, and One Washington Diner mentioned; and I must say that "haunt" is an appropriate word where our emotions are concerned.

I'm beyond pleased that you enjoyed the book, and hope others will as well.

Kristi said...

You know, I have never really been a short story person, but I have seen this one on a couple of different blogs now, and feel like I should check it out!

J.W. Nicklaus said...

Hi Kristi :^)

Naturally I'd encourage you to do so . . . kinda goes without saying. I've been very pleased with the genuine (and kind) feedback it's received thus far. IT's light reading, but enjoyable -- or so I've heard ;^)

I have all the prior stops on this blog tour listed on my own blog (, so if you're curious I'd be tickled if you tagged along. And if you have any questions, by all means shoot me an e-mail from my web site (just click on my name at the top of this post).

Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting!

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