Sunday, December 13, 2009

What Women Don't Know(and men don't tell you) by Michelle McKinney Hammond and Joel Brooks Jr. (Review)

Just because the economy is suffering doesn’t mean relationships have to suffer, too. The Value Non-Fiction Line (September 15, 2009) offers insightful books on love, marriage, relationships and personal growth. At just $6.99, WaterBrook Press is offering readers on the most limited budgets, valuable resources to help them grow and succeed in their personal lives. Titles include:

More Than A Match (ISBN: 978-1-4000-7489-1) by relationship experts, Michael & Amy Smalley, marriage and family counselors who demystify the science behind compatibility tests to help singles in search of love recognize when the right relationship comes along. They also reveal the specific skills that can transform an ideal match into a lasting love.

Fool Proofing Your Life (ISNB: 978-0-307-45848-3) by Jan Silvious, Precept Ministries (Kay Arthur) radio co-host discusses how attempts at coping with difficult people often fails, because they are what the Bible refers to as “fools.” Silvious provides tools to help readers get along and conduct relationships in a way that honors God, while preserving their own sanity.

How to Act Right When Your Spouse Acts Wrong (ISBN: 978-0-307-45849-0)
by Leslie Vernick, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 25 years experience, reveals how God uses the imperfections, difference and sins of a spouse to help anyone become more like Christ.

What Women Don’t Know and Men Don’t Tell You (ISBN: 978-0-307-45850-6)
by Michelle McKinney Hammond, best-selling author, speaker, singer and co-host, with Joel A. Brooks, Jr., senior pastor of Christian Life Center, clears up misperceptions, providing women with the information they need to succeed in a lasting male-female relationship ─ both while waiting and after the wait is over.

My Review:

This is the book that I received to read and review. It was awesome. I love Michelle McKinney Hammond's books. They are always full of bible verses to back up what she writes. The entire time I read this book I felt convicted like this is stuff that I need to know and be working on before getting into a relationship. It also had what to watch out for when you are dating a man that leads to problems then and later. The audience it is intended for is definitely female. I marked passages that stood out to me. One of the most important points the book made is being whole in Christ before being able to be right in a relationship with a human male. If you are not whole in Christ every aspect of your life suffers. Also an important point made is acting like you are married with the person without being married on paper. It sabotages the relationship and he might not ever marry you. The book points out several pitfalls relationships fall into. I definitely recommend the book especially if you are a single female. :)

The Value Non–Fiction Line provides readers with invaluable resources at a low cost, and offers priceless insights to help build meaningful relationship.

This was book was provided for review by WaterBrook Multnomah.

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