Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Last Sunday Salon for 2009

The Sunday

* So much to talk about it I don't know quite where to start. Warning this will be a long post. :)

* I had a great Christmas I hope everyone else did also. My mom bought me a 24 cupcake taker and two cookbooks. One has 500 recipes and the other is the Martha Stewart Cupcake book. I have been baking a lot of cupcakes this year. I can't wait to experiment with them.

* My stepfather and other family members gave me money/gift cards. I went to JCPenny's this weekend and bought a ton of clothes for around $100. They were having a good sale and I had coupons. I am very grateful. I really needed some new blue jeans, t shirts, and sweaters. I received lots of new pajamas for Christmas which I love.

* My sister and I are obsessed with calendars little and small. In her room alone we have two. A Chick fil a and a Bad Cats. In my room I have a Beach one. In the laundry room the other Chick fil a one. I bought two small island ones for work and my sister a Hello Kitty one for work. I also bought a one a day tear calender with islands and quotes for me and a Dangerous Book for Girls one for my cousin.

* I have been cleaning like crazy today. A little bit is procrastination on reading. I need to finish Dracula and two other books for the By the Decades Reading Challenge. Otherwise I just feel the need to clean and organize.

* My Mom and stepfather just came over to put up our new mailbox. Mom noticed a gouge in my tire and she is scared it will go flat or have a blowout so I am going to get ready and go to Sams to get it fixed. Hopefully it won't cost too much. I am not known for my good driving skills.

* Tonight I plan on reading and getting ready to go back to work tomorrow. Why is it always so hard after a holiday even if you like your job?

* I plan on reading every night this week so hopefully I will finish the challenges. I have several reviews I need to get up this week also.I posted my review of Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell yesterday.

* I hope everyone has a great week and finds reading time. Happy New Year next time will be 2010. :)

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