Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday Salon July 5, 2009

The Sunday

* I have not been so faithful the past few weeks to this and I miss it. I think I wait until too late in the day to do it and then I am tired and needing to get ready for Monday. So today it is almost 2:00 central standard time and I am posting. lol

* I read 30 books in June as part of the Summer Reading Blitz hosted by Shauna at Readings and Ruminations.

* I have my June books read up here:

* Today has been mostly about housework. I have not read any books yet. I have my 4th load of clothes in the washer. I have taken out the trash and the recycling. I need to clean the bathroom. We have a dripping facet and mold grows easy around the front of the tub and on the shower curtain. I need to at least sweep and mopping would be nice but I hate doing it. lol I already did my Wal Mart trip early this morning when they were not as busy. :)

* We had a great fourth of July. I went to a balloon glow/concert/fireworks show Friday night and Saturday we had a BBQ at my Mom and Step dad's house. Yummy! They have a new blow up pool and we swam in it too. It is a nice size and has a pump. They bought it a sports store. I want to get back in already. lol

* It will be an eventful week at work. I changed jobs in the company about two months ago and I am getting ready to do it again. I am training my replacement this week. I have had some issues with people not being nice. There is a reason they have a bad reputation in that office. I will miss some people though. I gave it my best and did a good job with the work so I am not giving up. I have achieved work wise my goals. My new position will be harder work wise and I look forward to learning more and new things. I have only heard good things about the people I will be working with. :)

* I hope everyone has a good week and if you are in a summer area stay cool.

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