Saturday, July 25, 2009

Faith in Fiction Saturday

Today's Question

I always think there's a lack of books that are genuinely funny, that make me laugh through the book. It's probably why I so enjoy chick lit. But Christian chick lit lacks that light natural feeling humor and so there aren't many books (apart from Josey and Theodora!) that make me laugh.

Tell Me
Are there some good Christian fiction books that made you laugh out loud and just feel really good about life? I can't wait to hear your recommendations.
I love Christian Chick-Lit and the lol books. Here are some of my favorites.
* The Ashley Stockingdale series by Kristin Billerbeck
What A Girl Wants
She's Out of Control
With This Ring I'M Confused
* The French Twist series by Sandra Byrd
Let Them Eat Cake
Bon Appetit
* Diann Hunt's books almost always make me laugh. A lot of them are meant for middle aged women but I am in my mid 20s and I always enjoy them. Her newest book is for anyone and I loved it too. CBD has several of them on sale right now. :)
* The Flabbergasted Trilogy by Ray Blackston which is kinda like christian boy chick lit. I have read the whole series twice. The first two esp. are funny.
A Delirious Summer
Lost in Rooville
* The Lauren Holbrook series by Erynn Mangum
Miss Match
* Almost any Rene Gutteridge book. I have read almost all of her books and really liked them. Not considered chick lit they are still have humor in them. She wrote the Boo series, Occupational Hazard series, the Storm series (on TBR shelf), and some stand alone books.
* Trish Perry and Susan May Warren also have books that make me laugh.
Okay so that is what I can come up with off the top of my head so to speak. I highly recommend any of the above books. All of these are on my keeper shelf. I hope you take a chance and read some of them. :)


Marvin D Wilson said...

Wow - now that's a loooong list! I guess since I don't read chick lit I'm missing out on all the laughs - lol. But I did have a good answer for today's question, posted it at-

The Old Silly

Dani In NC said...

You just helped to make my TBR list longer! Thanks for the suggestions. I always appreciate a bit of humor in my books.

Bookfool said...

I'm going to have to save this post in my reader. I've only read a couple of those authors. LOVE Ray Blackston's Flabbergasted series!

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