Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Shape of Mercy by Susan Meissner Coming Soon

***Coming Soon From One of My Favorite Authors: Susan Meissner.***

Publishers Weekly, 7/7/2008

The Shape of Mercy Susan Meissner. WaterBrook, $13.99 paper (320p) ISBN 978-1-4000-7456-3

Meissner's newest novel is potentially life-changing, the kind of inspirational fiction that prompts readers to call up old friends, lost loves or fallen-away family members to tell them that all is forgiven and that life is too short for holding grudges. Achingly romantic, the novel features the legacy of Mercy Hayworth—a young woman convicted during the Salem witch trials—whose words reach out from the past to forever transform the lives of two present-day women. These book lovers—Abigail Boyles, elderly, bitter and frail, and Lauren “Lars” Durough, wealthy, earnest and young—become unlikely friends, drawn together over the untimely death of Mercy, whose precious diary is all that remains of her too short life. And what a diary! Mercy's words not only beguile but help Abigail and Lars together face life's hardest struggles about where true meaning is found, which dreams are worth chasing and which only lead to emptiness, and why faith and hope are essential on life's difficult path. Meissner's prose is exquisite and she is a stunning storyteller. This is a novel to be shared with friends. (Sept. 16)

***Can't wait! Don't miss her other 2008 release: "Blue Heart Blessed", it is on my favorites of 2008 list. ***

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wisteria said...

I am hooked. This will have to go on my TBR pile. In fact, I just went to Amazon, so I wouldn't forget it.
Thanks for the book talk.

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