Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Sunday Salon April 8, 2012

The Sunday

* Happy Easter Everyone!

* Today would have been my Great Aunt Dorothy's 81st birthday but she passed away last year. Tomorrow is my Uncle Michael and my birthday. I will be 29. The years are going by so quick now and more relatives are passing away. It makes me sad to think about it. How often do I take life for granted? I vow to make the most of every day and tell everyone how much they mean to me.

* In the reading front I just finished the first two Waverly Bryson books by Maria Murname. They are mainstream Chick Lit. They were overall good but I am not a fan of drinking alcohol and casual s*x in my books. The general plot line was cute. A single woman's adventures in life kinda like an American Bridget Jones. I want to read the third one when it comes out to see what happens next to Waverly.

* This will be a short work week for me. I am leaving Friday to go to New Orleans with my Mom, Stepfather, Mimi, and Uncle Patrick. We are going for the French Quarter Festival. I can't wait. I am so excited. We went to the International Festival in Lafayette, LA, last year and I loved it. Mom said we are also taking a trolley to the Garden District. The hotel has a heated pool. I may not want to come home Monday. lol

* The menu for the work week is vege egg muffins for breakfast, tuna salad for lunch, Crock pot dry rub BBQ chicken and mashed cauliflower for dinner. I have put on way too much belly fat so after vacation I am going to do another Whole30. I am eating way too much ice cream and nuts. My blue jeans and scrubs are too tight. I worked way too hard getting it off to keep putting it back on like this.

* I hope everyone has a great week and lots of reading time. :)


Karen said...

I've never been to New Orleans, but I'll bet it will be a fun place to visit.

Your menu sounds really good. I need to try the mashed cauliflower, it's supposed to be a great substitute for mashed potatoes. How do you fix yours?

I love posts like this -- a little bit of everything. Have a great timne on your trip!

Bookfool said...

I read Perfect on Paper when it was fairly new and I liked it but never have felt like I wanted to continue to follow the character. Nice writing, though. I'm glad you enjoyed the first two books!

Have fun in New Orleans!