Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Sunday Salon July 11, 2010

The Sunday

* This weekend flew by. I cannot believe it is Sunday night already.

* I had a pretty good reading weekend. I think I read three books. I will have my wrap up tomorrow.

* My diet always take a hit on the weekends. Why is it okay to do during the week but when the weekend comes all bets are off? I have lost 7 lbs so far. I hope I have not gained when I weigh tomorrow. I did not exercise all weekend. Friday I did have a good excuse. I felt horrible but by the end of the day I was feeling a little better and could have walked. Bad Brittanie.

* Right now I am doing laundry, working on my blog, and I hope to read one more book tonight. I might only be able to start it. Drop Dead Diva is coming on tonight. :)

* I hope everyone has a great week and lots of reading time.

1 comment:

Lady Araujo said...

Have a great week Brittanie!!

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