Thursday, July 1, 2010

Brothers Karamazov Ceilidh

Jill at Fizzy Thoughts and Trish at Love Laughter Insanity are hosting a Brothers Karamazov read a long. My review for the classics tour is due on July 14 but I am nowhere near done and I have six book tours next week and eleven total before July 14. So I am joining a read a long to hopefully make sure I finish this book. I am on page 46. Really. Not sure why this is so hard for me. I really do want to read it though. :)

From their post:
It’s the Brothers Karamazov Ceilidh! Huh? Well, ceilidh is Gaelic for a party with music and dancing and sometimes storytelling. And we’re going to read The Brothers Karamazov. Yes, really. While I can’t promise any music or dancing, with this long of a book, there’s bound to be lots of storytelling. Besides which, it’s alliterative (say kay-lee) and difficult to spell, just like Karamazov and Dostoevsky!

We’re going to suggest reading a book a week (although if you’re a glutton for punishment and/or a procrastinator, feel free to do all of your reading the night before). But we’re only going to post our summaries/thoughts/pleas for help at the end of each part. Which means we’ll write our posts at the end of weeks 3, 6, 9 and 12.

The official start date for this adventure is July 10th. And here’s the official reading and posting schedule:

Book 1: 7/10-7/16
Book 2: 7/17-7/23
Book 3: 7/24-7/30
Post #1: around July 30/31
Book 4: 7/31-8/6
Book 5: 8/7-8/13
Book 6: 8/14-8/20
Post #2: around August 20/21
Book 7: 8/21-8/27
Book 8: 8/28-9/3
Book 9: 9/4-9/10
Post #3: around September 10/11
Book 10: 9/11-9/17
Book 11: 9/18-9/24
Book 12 plus the short Epilogue: 9/24-10/1
Post #4: around October 1/2
The End (you might want to consider a shot or two or three of vodka to celebrate)

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Sandra said...

I've just signed up for this readalong too and am looking forward to what others have to say about it. Happy reading.

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