Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Sunday Salon May 16, 2010

The Sunday

* I am currently trying to motivate myself to start the laundry and I wanted to bake some muffins tonight. I bought a pecan pie mix at a flea market I am eager to try out.

* I have read three books so far this weekend and I hope to finish two more. I am way behind where I was last year and my goal is 300 books this year. I am on 117. Yikes. I will do a recap tomorrow.

* I have a vacation at work coming up the first week in June. We were supposed to go to the beach but my Mom has to take a big test that next week and has to study. I hope to finish a lot of books and they put the pool up this weekend in their backyard so I will hang out there some too.

* I am watching a special on TV right now about ice cream and it is driving me crazy. I love it.

* Lots of TV show season finales coming soon and I am actually happy because maybe I will get more reading done. I only watch In Plain Sight, The Closer, Drop Dead Diva and sometimes Army Wives in the summer.

* Off to read. I hope everyone has a great week and finds lots of time for reading.

1 comment:

Karen said...

I wish I had caught the special about ice cream. It's my favorite indulgence. It seems the season finales are coming early this year, or maybe it's just that time is going by so fast. I watch The Good Wife and Modern Family. I'll be sorry when they're finished for the season, as it's become my favorite thing to do on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. If we're not home I record them.

Have a good week!

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