Monday, February 22, 2010

The Week in Words: February 22, 2010

Melissa at Breath of Life Ministries host this weekly meme highlighting quotes from our reading material in the previous week.

"...that what's more astounding than justice is mercy. The times when we don't get the consequences we deserve."

p. 236 Burn by Ted Dekker and Erin Healy

"She spoke with authority, a calm that comes from knowing, and not for the first time, I wondered about people's attitudes, whether half the world's agony would evaporate if each person discovered the talent God gave them instead of squandering days painting by numbers laid out according to someone else's performance. Parents. Peers. Pastors. We read books bursting with self help, about roads less traveled and finding bliss and all those so called secrets to life. But they all left out the most crucial factor. We fought an enemy, invisible yet definite, who diligently worked to block us from our intended purpose, keeping us from the one thing that brought joy, that connected us to each other and to our Creator. Condemned and resentful, miserable and uncertain, we filled our minds with chatter from talk show hosts, always hoping for the answer, when all the while one simple supernatural prescription waited: "Come to me.""

page 105 the Clouds Roll Away by Sibella Giorello

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