Monday, February 22, 2010

Classics Challenge 2010

Classics: We love them, we hate them, now we are going to challenge ourselves to read more of them. The challenge runs April 1 to October 21, 2010.

**Choose Your Level (Keep reading for Bonus)1. Classics Snack - Read FOUR classics
2. Classics Entree - Read FIVE classics
3. Classics Feast - Read SIX classics

1. Cross-posting with other challenges is allowed (and encouraged!)
2. Audiobooks are fine
3. Re-reads are acceptable, BUT books must be finished after April 1st to count for the challenge
4. Lists don't have to be set in stone; you can change your selections at any time
5. Have Fun!!
6. You do NOT need a blog to participate.

**Bonus!! (Optional)
In the past two challenges we compiled a list of books that we think might be considered classics one day. I've wiped out that old list so we can start fresh, but to get an idea of what others suggested in the past, see HERE and HERE. Pick one and read it in addition to your list but this is optional.

I am signing up for the Classics Snack level just so I don't get overwhelmed. Hopefully I will read more than that because one of my informal goals for this year is to read more classics. I have discovered Georgette Heyer and Maud Hart Lovelace in the past year and I am enjoying both of their books so I hope to read some of them. Maybe a Elizabeth Gaskell if I can wait that long. No formal list right now. I can't wait for the challenge to begin. :)

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Ruth said...

Oh, I LOVE Heyer, so glad you have discovered her books!