Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Sunday Salon November 27, 2011

The Sunday

* It is always hard to believe when it is Sunday night. Especially hard when we have a long holiday like Thanksgiving. It flew by but I am ready to go back to work. I am creature of routine. I am not ready for Christmas and a new year.

* We only have a little over a month left in 2011. I have a lot of goals to achieve. I want to start the new year with  a clean slate. I want to be caught up on all my review books. My motto this year was Building a Better Brittanie. I have not achieved what I wanted to. I had it and lost it rather. I am trying to think what I want 2012 to be like for my life and come up with a motto. Book wise I have already decided to accept less review books to focus more on reading whatever captures my attention whenever with no pressure. I want to find the pleasure reading used to have for me.

* In my personal life I want to lose the five pounds I gained back and go completely Paleo and stay that way. It feels like it will never happen because I keep falling off the wagon and it seems if it was something I truly wanted  I would make it happen. I lived the past week like mostly before summer 2010 when I started working out and changing my lifestyle and it stinks. The Texas cheese fries and chips and salsa at Chile's are good but not worth the hell that comes with it. It takes effort to change for good I know that. It seems like one part of me cares and the other doesn't and they are at war with each other inside me. It is not a pleasant place to live right now. I need peace and joy and happiness. I know I do not have a bad life and I am very blessed.

* Thank you for reading my ramblings. I hope everyone has a great week with lots of reading time. :)

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