Monday, March 22, 2010

The Week in Words: March 21, 2010

The Week in Words is a meme hosted by Melissa at breath of life ministries. The goal is to share quotations from the material you have read in the previous week.

From page 97 of High Plains Bride by Valerie Hanson

"No one had any guarantees of another day or even one moment of life. Life was a divine gift and should be considered such. For man to assume he was in charge of his own destiny was the ultimate folly. Still that did not mean it wasn't prudent to do one's best at all times, Will argued sensibly."

I am not sure I completely agree with the last part of the quote about destiny. I agree you should do your best at all times because the Bible says so but ultimately we control our actions. We have the power to do good or bad. The Bible does say our days were numbered before we were born so we should make the most of every day we have.

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