Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Sunday Salon November 22, 2009

The Sunday

* Overall a good weekend. It went by really quick. Don't they all though.

* I read 3 books this weekend. They are:
- Return Policy by Michael Synder
- Mistletoe and Murder by Florence Case
- How Do I Love Thee? by Nancy Moser

* They were all good. Return Policy is Michael Synder's second novel. I read his first My Name is Russell Fink and loved it last year. I hope to put a review up of this one soon. I did put up a review today of How Do I Love Thee? with giveaway.

* I have a two day work week. I am taking the day before Thanksgiving off and I was already off Thursday and Friday. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I can't wait to eat all the yummy food!

* I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. I will still be around updating. I have several reviews I need to get done this week. I hope everyone finds some reading time in there too. :)

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