Monday, November 16, 2009

Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Women Writers Reading Challenge 2010

18th and 19th Women Writers Reading Challenge
Hosted by Becky of Becky's Book Reviews
Minimum 2 books; All of 2010
I am signing up for another challenge to read the classics. I really want to read more of them in 2010.
Read books written by women authors that were written and/or published between 1700 and 1900.
Contemporary historical books set in this time period do not count towards this challenge! The challenge is to encourage you to read some classics.Here is a place where you can get ideas, but be careful, the list includes some authors who won't count. (The site lists authors based on when they were born. So on the 1801-1900 list, for example, you might find women authors who were born in this time but didn't begin writing and publishing their books until the twentieth century.)
Overlaps with other challenges allowed.

1 comment:

Bookfool said...

That is the coolest button. I think I'd enjoy the challenge (if I was willing to add one) but mostly I just want to spent a week in that castle!

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