Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Salon November 15, 2009

The Sunday

* I only read two books but they were long so I feel like I accomplished a lot of reading this weekend.

* I finished the long version of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. It may be one of my new all time favorites.

* I read The Moon in the Mango Tree by Pamela Binnings Ewen and it was really good.
Both books have things that will stay with me.

* I wrote my wrap up post for the Chunkster Reading Challenge. The goal was to read 6 books with 450 or more pages.

* I signed up for a Christmas themed reading challenge. I have several Christmas related books to read in the next two months.

* I am looking forward to Thanksgiving. It is my second favorite Holiday after Fourth of July. :)

* I hope everyone has a great week and plenty of reading time.


Lady Araujo said...

6 books with 450 pages!! You'll have a wonderful time. Great week for you too.

Ti said...

I read Little Women a few years back and was so taken with it.

I love Thanksgiving too! This week I went shopping and bought most of the food for the meal but forgot to buy food for us to eat this week. I guess I got a bit carried away.

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