Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Salon and $15 GC Contest

The Sunday
* This has not been a good reading week. I have not finished a book since September 14, 2009. I have not even been able to concentrate on reading.

* Friday night I went to the ER with my sister and did not get home until almost 8 the next morning. I was awake over 24 hours so I spent most of Saturday sleeping. Today I still feel a slight hangover but I might read after I do my shopping and eat lunch with my grandparents.

* They could not figure out what wrong with her though we thought it might be her gallbladder because the bad pain was top part of her stomach by her ribs but by the time they got around to doing the tests she was feeling better. Her white blood cell count is slightly elevated so she is going to fu with our regular doctor this week.

* I am a couple of books behind on reading for deadlines but I have some that need reviews I read on vacation so you will see several reviews from me this week. I will have one later today for Eye for Eye by Irene Hannon which was excellent.

*I am extending the deadline on the $15 bookstore giveaway I started for BBAW. Go here and leave a comment to be entered to win:

* Reading Challenge Update:
RIP IV 0/4
Japanese Literature Challenge 3 0/1
2nds Challenge 9/12
Science Book Challenge 0/3
What's In a Name 4/6
Re-Read Challenge 0/1
Chunkster 4/6
Decades 2/9

* The Fall Into Reading Challenge Starts Tuesday with the First Day of Fall. I am very excited. It is hosted by Katrina at Callapidder Days. Go to her blog for more information:

* Some Fall TV Shows are starting this week. I will be tuning in for House, NCIS LA, Mercy, Grey's Anatomy, and Community. I might not watch the whole season of these but I want to see a few episodes to make up my mind.

* I hope everyone has a great week and gets to read :)

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