Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Truth About You: Your Secret to Success by Marcus Buckingham

The Truth About You is actually a three part kit packaged in a book shape. There is a 20 minute DVD of the author speaking, a short book, and a Re Memo notepad. The notepad has two sides. One is blue and is the I loved it side where you are supposed to complete the sentence I felt strong when... and the other side is the black side or I loathed it and you are supposed to complete the sentence I felt weak (drained,bored) when...
The 5 points and chapter titles are:
The best advice you'll ever get.
1. Performance is alway the point.
2. Your strengths aren't what you are good at, and your weaknesses aren't what you are bad at.
3. When it comes to your job, the "What" always trumps the "Why" and the "Who".
4. You'll never find the perfect job.
5. You'll never turn your weaknesses into strengths
Within each section there are questions for you to answer to help you figure out what your strengths are and how to captialize on them. The author does not encourage you to work on your weaknesses but to neutralize them. Instead focus on identifing your strengths and play them up.
My only complaint are the video is basically what is in the very short book. I do recommend it because it will help reveal your real strengths and weaknesses if you dig deep in yourself and be honest.

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