Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dear John by Norma L. Betz

Dear John by Norma Betz
ISBN: 978-1434310712
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Date of publish: Jan 26, 2008
Pages: 232
S.R.P.: $14.95

When Susanna Smith goes to Massachusetts to settle her aunt’s estate she doesn’t expect her well-ordered life is about to take an unusual turn. Susanna and her canine friend Quincy embark on a journey to the past that not only reveals a connection to a famous ancestor but also results in an important discovery about her own life.

My Review:
This was a good debut novel. Some of the font was extremely hard to read particularly the letters between Abigail Adams and her husband John. I did like and get the feeling the author was going after for the letters. Several items mirrored the heroine Susanna with the author. The plot was predictable but still enjoyable. The author's hard work and history degree show in the historical details. I really enjoyed learning more about John (our second president) and Abigail Adams. It was especially interesting to learn about their faith in God that helped them through trying times like being separated during the war and the formation of the new government. The two main plots worked together good. The main plot is Susanna in the present day moving back to her Aunt Susanna's house to go through her things and make plans. Flashbacks through the letters is the second plot. There is a little mystery, suspense, and romance in this debut novel by Norma L. Betz. I hope she writes another book soon. :)

About the author:
Professor Norma L. Betz earned her doctorate from Drew University in New Jersey. A financial aid
director and professor of sociology and history for many years at New Jersey colleges, she presently
works and teaches at Ocean County College. She and her husband Allen make their home with Quincy,
their beloved Weimaraner, in Manahawkin, on the New Jersey Shore. Dear John is her first book.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Brittanie - I really enjoyed this novel - though I agree the font the letters were written in were a nightmare to read! I look forward to her next book too.

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