Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Back from the Beach

Hello everyone. We got back late last night(Tuesday) from the beach. We took a detour to Pensacola on the way home. My Dad is in the Air National Guard so we stayed on the Eglin Air Force Base and drove to the beach in Destin, FL. In Pensacola there is a huge Navy base with a huge BX so we went shopping there too. I read 7 books on this vacation. I did not count how many last year when we went to Gulf Shores so nothing to compare it too. Here is a picture of which books I read while on vacation. Then there is a picture of what came in the mail while I was on vacation.
We had a ton of fun. My Dad, my sister, and me went and all got sunburned. I will post more pictures later. I got sunburned in the strangest places. The left side of my face and shoulder, the top of my legs, top of my right foot, inside of my right shoulder. Really wierd. So tired. Lots of laundry, visiting family to drop off gifts, getting ready to go back to work tomorrow(Blah) to do.

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Bookfool said...

Welcome back! I can't believe how much you read on vacation!! I usually struggle to finish one book because my husband is a Vacation Nazi. We keep going till we drop. LOL

So glad you had a good time! And, I love your reading buddy. What's his name? I'm assuming he's a boy kitty because he's so huge, although my kitty girl is pretty big, too.

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