Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Becky's Tag Christian Fiction

Amy from My Friend Amy has tagged me...

Here’s how it will work....Becky has provided a list of her five MUST Read novels and five Keep Your Eyes on These Novels, then tagged five bloggers who she is asked to post her list on their site. They may then add one book to each list but must also subtract one book. Finally they should tag five other bloggers, link here at A Christian Worldview of Fiction, and comment to this post so visitors here know to check out how they may have changed the list.Note from Brittanie: I starred the books that I
added and put them in green.

A Passion Most Pure by Julie Lessman (Revell)
A Promise to Remember by Kathryn Cushman (Bethany House)
Riven by Jerry B. Jenkins (Tyndale)
Miss Match by Erynn Mangum (NavPress)
*The Mermaid in the Basement by Gilbert Morris

Taming Rafe by Susan May Warren (Tyndale)
On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness by Andrew Peterson (WaterBrook)
Shadow of Colossus by T L Higley (B&H Publishing)
Suspicious Minds by Christy Barritt (Kregel)
*Try Darkness by James Scott Bell

Stepping into Sunlight by Sharon Hinck (Bethany)
Faking Grace by Tamera Leigh (Multnomah)
Home Another Way by Christa Parrish (Bethany)
A Passion Redeemed by Julie Lessman (Revell)
*The Last Mango in Texas by Ray Blackston

Consider yourself tagged if you want to particpate. Come back and let me know if you do so I can see which ones you added. :)


Bookfool said...

I'm right smack in the middle of A Promise to Remember and absolutely loving it! I'm not going to tag myself because I'm just getting back into Christian fiction, but I really enjoyed reading this and I'll probably add to my wishlist, as always. Fun reading, thanks!

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Hey, Brittanie,

Thanks so much for taking part in the book buzz tag. So there's still one of the original books on each of the two lists I started. It just so happens A Promise to Remember is the one from the first list.

I hadn't thought about what it would mean if a book stayed on the list, like forever!

Very interesting.


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