Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Sunday Salon March 27, 2011

The Sunday

* This will be a quick Sunday Salon as it is time for me to get ready for bed. lol

* I read two books today. I read Devil's Food Cake Murder by Joanne Fluke and False Pretenses by Kathy Herman. They were both good suspense/mystery books.

* I did some of my cooking for the week. I made turkey cutlets, marina sauce, and whole wheat penne rigata pasta. I need to make my boneless skinless chicken breasts for the week and my salad. I was going to make muffins and ran out of steam and time.

* I did horrible on my lifestyle change this week. It is like I am kinda giving up but I really don't want too. Starting tomorrow back on counting calories and working out. I need to get rid of the rest of this belly fat and tone up. Friday night was bad. I ate half a container Ben and Jerry's and a bag of Chex party mix and that was just dinner. Not sure why I do things like that to myself. Today all I did was eat and although it was all healthy and not at one time it was still way too much.

* School starts in a week and I am trying to get caught up on my review books before then. I still have several so I don't think it is going to happen but maybe it won't be too bad. I have gotton rid of two boxes of books this month which is good.

* I really need to get my stuff ready for tomorrow and get ready for bed so I hope everyone has a great week and lots of reading time. :)

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