Sunday, May 13, 2007

Two Books Reviewed

I finished the DMZ by Jeannette Windle. I could have lived without the first eighty pages but the rest was fantastic and more than made up for the first eighty pages.
You just have to make it through the first eighty pages. I look forward to reading her other books.

I also read "Mirror, Mirror" by Judy Baer. It is technically not out yet but I ordered direct from the Steeple Hill people. I love all of Judy Baer's books I have read so far. The Whitney Chronicles has a permanent place on my bookshelf. Back to the present book. This book was no is fantastic. It sheds light on the obsession our culture has with being perfect on the outside without paying attention to who we are on the inside. It also talked about who we are in Christ and how that affects our inner beauty which in turns outshines our physical look. Some of the most ugly people are beautiful because of what they look like on the inside. I highly recommend this book. :)

Next up is a trilogy of books by Gayle Roper focusing a newspaper reporter who moves to a new town and inadvertently solves crimes. The first book is titled "Caught in the Middle".


Rel said...

Hey! I love Jeanette Windle's books, even the first 80 pages of The DMZ. I think for a lot of people her books are daunting because of their size but I agree that they are well worth it. I'll enjoy hearing your thoughts on Crossfire and Firestorm.

Gayle is fabulous! I have her "Caught" books from their first release so am looking forward to her new fourth book. Just finished See No Evil and loved it. Will review it soon!

Sally Bradley said...

I love Gayle's Caught books, too. She's a fantastic writer and so nice, too!

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