Monday, May 7, 2007

Books and School

I just finished my last test. YES! I have the rest of the week to cram as many books in after work as possible. I start the May summer term on May 14th and it last two weeks. Then the day after Memorial Day I start summer school session one. Not a lot of a break but it works. I have a stack of books beside my bed and more on the way. I don't know where to start. :)

Getting an college degree online to get a degree is a great way to get one. The medical industry is getting a lot of attention and with medical coding and medical billing course studies it would be a good idea to get a head start. The online universities out there offer courses in just about any field and being able to take them makes online colleges a great way to attain a degree.

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Sally Bradley said...

Yippee for you! Found you on the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance.

My stack to be read is getting bigger every week, it seems. Wish I had more time!