Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Carousel Painter by Judith Miller

Paperback: 336 pages
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers; 1ST edition (September 1, 2009)
ISBN-13: 978-0764202797

About the Book:

Without the means to support herself after her father dies, Carrington Brouwer receives the opportunity to use her artistic talent at her friend's father's carousel factory. But the men at the factory are not happy that a woman has been given the very desirable job of painting the elaborately carved horses. When mishaps occur at the factory and jewelry disappears from the home of the factory owner, accusations swirl. Is the handsome young factory manager truly Carrie's ally or will he side with those who believe she should be fired?
My Review:
I loved this book. The only reason that I did not finish it at one time is because I had to go to sleep to be at work on time the next morning. It drew me in the first page and I turned pages as fast as possible. I could not wait to find out what happened next with Miss Carrington Brouwer. The plot and characters are unique and interesting. It is not overwrought in historical details but enough to keep you interested.The writing is excellent and the story flows good. I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it. It is going on my keeper shelf. :)

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