Sunday, June 29, 2008


YAY! I did it. I finished on time. Total pages read for the Readathon is 1047

When gemologist Andrea Adams gets a chance to go to the Kashmir region of Pakistan for a mission trip, she jumps at it. But her boss at the S.T.U.D. home shopping network wants to turn the trip into another on-location shoot for the station. That means Andrea's co-host Max is part of the deal, and she isn't happy about it. When their guide turns up dead and a famous sapphire turns up in Max's possession, Andrea thinks all her worst fears are confirmed. Is this her chance to get rid of this know-nothing pretty boy? Or is Max innocent after all? Fast-paced and full of exciting action and exotic locales, A Steal of a Deal is the perfect escape for readers looking for a thrill.

My Review: This book features wacky zany characters and unique plot line. Fun chick-lit with a mystery attached this book will make you laugh and wonder who done it.There is the added bonus of tension and possible romance between Andie and her co host Max the Mr. Magnificent as she calls him to herself. This is book two in the Shop-Til-U-Drop series. It is even better than the first but it does reference the first a lot so I recommend reading the series in order. :)

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