Monday, June 23, 2008

Sunday Salon June 22 (a little late)

The Sunday

Heather Lowell moves to Prichett for the summer to take over The Cut and Curl Beauty Salon and-hopefully-to discern God's plan for her. If He created the world in six days, eight weeks should give Him plenty of time to let her know what she's supposed to do? To help things along, Heather creates "The List," outlining the criteria for the perfect man. But when Jared Ward and Ian Dexter both come into her life, consulting The List doesn't seem to offer the answers it should.and sometimes "Mr. Wrong" ends up doing everything right.

My Review: I loved this book. It is perfect christian chick lit. It is book three in the Pritchett series and the best(although the first two were good too.) The ending is very touching and I was almost in tears as things came together. I just loved this book. It is a sweet book but not unreal. It is going on my favorites of 2008 list. :)

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