Monday, November 19, 2007

"Remember Me" by Deborah Bedford

Book Description:
From bestselling novelist Deborah Bedford comes a poignant story of a pastor with a broken spirit who must confront his lack of faith before he can be whole. Sam Tibbits loves life especially life at Piddock Beach, where his family spends their vacations. Its here that hes come to care for Aubrey, his childhood confidante. So the year Aubreys family moves away with no forwarding address, Sam is crushed as he was going to propose. Aubrey McCart enjoys being with Sam; he accepts her unconditionally like her father never has. But when her fathers pride and joy her brother is killed in Vietnam, Aubrey is unable to cope. She chooses a path that changes her life forever, leading her away from Sam. Years later, as Sam and Aubrey find themselves back at Piddock Beach, the two are forced to confront their abandoned friendship and make peace with their lives. But can they do so without overstepping their moral boundaries?
Brittanie: I loved this book. It has been in the back of my mind to borrow from the library for years. I am so glad I finally borrowed it. This book still haunts me and I read it Saturday. It is beautiful in words and creates vivid images not all of them nice and pleasant. Pastor Sam faces real challenges in the church he pastors. When they tell him to take a hike for a while and they will let him know if they want him back ... he is devastated but kinda felt like he saw it coming. He just lost his brother in law also so he was dealing with grief as he is close to his sister. So he takes his nephew and heads to his favorite vacation spot Piddock beach where his family went every year. It is not the exact same as it was the last year he visited many years ago. Aubrey the girl he fell in love with all those years ago also shows up broken inside and dealing with family troubles. The scenery as described feels so real I felt like I was really at the beach. The message of faith in this book is not preachy but a message is there.(if that makes any sense at all) I highly recommend this book. Go to the Beach even though it is Fall. :)

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