Friday, October 12, 2007

"The Guy I'm Not Dating" by Trish Perry

Book Description:

“Yowza!” exclaims Kara Richardson when she sees the handsome proprietor of the new delicatessen in town, Gabe Paolino at the gym where she is a personal trainer. He soon expresses mutual interest. This would be the start of a perfect love story, except for one thing—after a messy breakup Kara has vowed to stop dating for a while and only be friends with the men in her life. She is determined to rely on God's leading and not on her heart for romance. She read a book on not dating which in turn leads Gabe to read the same book.

But when humorous circumstances send Kara and Gabe on a road trip to Florida, hope springs anew. Her vow of not dating is challenged daily. Fortunately a group of friends and family tag along in the deli van. It makes for a very interesting journey that is entertaining and full of surprises. Even with Kara’s flirtatious coworker Tiffany—“a hyena in heels”—along for the ride, the uncouple begins a lively journey that could change their paths forever.

This memorable, charming story of love’s persistence captures the honor of waiting on God’s timing, and the adventure of finding the perfect guy to not date.
Brittanie: I liked this book but it had a very slow start. Toward the middle once the journey began it really got good. I liked the interaction between Gabe and Kara. It is obvious from the beginning that they should be together. This book had laugh out loud moments and some touching serious ones too. There are a few conversions to Christianity but as long as you are Christian you will not find the book overly preachy. I was personally touched by all of them. I was expecting a light chick lit and while I got that there was also deep satisfiying characters and plot line. The sequel "Too Good To Be True" is out now. It is the story of one of Kara's best friends Ren.

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