Monday, October 8, 2007

Dearest Dorothy If Not Now When? by Charlene Baumbich

Book Description:

Home is where the heart is—and this Partonville homecoming will warm the hearts of all Dearest Dorothy fans this fall The colorful characters of Partonville, Illinois, are back once again to delight Charlene Ann Baumbich’s ever-growing legion of fans. Dorothy is thrilled that her attorney son Jacob is moving back to their hometown and wonders if he might help Katie Durbin with more than legal matters. Meanwhile, Partonville’s mayoral elections have just heated up. Incumbent Gladys McKern is being challenged by Sam Vitner, owner of Swappin’ Sam’s, whose campaign slogan is “McKern’s had her turn! Time to SWAP! VITNER for Mayor!” And the contest to name Katie’s new mini-mall incites competition and a mad dash of entries. Through it all, Dorothy’s spirit and the Partonvillers’ antics will keep readers wanting to circle the town square again and again
Charlene Ann Baumbich, an award-winning journalist whose work has appeared in numerous publications, is the author of five Dearest Dorothy novels and six nonfiction books of humor and inspiration.
“Fans of Jan Karon’s Mitford or Philip Gulley’s Harmony will revel in the antics of the residents of Partonville. . . . The characters are quirky and charming.”—Publishers Weekly
Brittanie: I love this series. I saw an article on them a few years back and kept it in the back of my mind to look for this author. I am not sure how much later that I discovered the library had two. So I rented those two and decided I had to have more so ever since I have looked forward to the next installation and bought them the second I could find them. I really enjoy reading about the small town with memorable characters. The only thing for me is I would have liked more of a development in the romance between Katie Durbin and Dearest Dorothy's son Jacob. Otherwise enjoy the adventures of Pardon me ville. I highly recommend this cute series. :)

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