Sunday, June 7, 2009

12 Hour Mystery Read a thon Wrap Up Post

Did you finish a book?
Yes, Five and part of another one

If so, what did you finish?
What Sarah Saw by Margaret Daley
Framed! by Robin Caroll
Cold Case Murder by Shirlee McCoy
A Cloud of Suspicion by Patricia Davids
Deadly Competition by Roxanne Rustand
Part of Her Last Chance by Terri Reed

How many pages did you read?

How did the reading go for you?

Did you have any major disruptions?
Some family members came for a little while and my cats love to get me to pet them when I am reading.

Would you join in for another read-a-thon later this year?
Most Definitely

What else do you think about the read-a-thon?
I liked it better than the 24 because I did not have go without sleep but I still accomplished a lot.