Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wind Dancer by Jamie Carie

Raised in a British-held frontier town during the American Revolution, Isabelle Renoir is not like other women around her. A free spirit, she dances in the moonlight as a praise offering to God and is more at home fearlessly taking her long rifle and knife into the woods for adventure and inspiration.

But Isabelle’s latest journey may be more than even her strength can handle when a huge storm throws the raven-haired beauty off course and into the path of rugged American spy Samuel Holt. After matching wits and denying their passion for each other, they are attacked by Indians, held prisoner, and forced to watch the horrific killing of Isabelle’s brother. Now together but in captivity, they must fight spiritual forces that no knife or rifle could ever conquer in order to be free.

This is a wonderful story filled with strong characters that come alive in the pages. Although this is a historical there are no overwhelming details. It is woven into the story. This is a character driven story with a good plot. It is full of passion and daring. I would even call it semi edgy inspirational. Highly recommended! :)

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About the author:
Jamie Carie is an inspirational fiction novelist who believes in the power of “story” to touch hearts and change lives. Her debut novel, Snow Angel (September 2007), is a can’t-put-down story of redemption, hope and healing for the fallen and the broken. Her second novel, The Duchess and the Dragon (May 2008) is a passionate tale of love between a reckless duke and a serene Quaker woman. Jamie lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with her husband and three boys… and a giant of a dog named Leo.

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