Tuesday, September 23, 2008

First Place 4 Health Winner

The winner of First Place 4 Health is:

#2 Mary


Random Sequence Generator
Here is your sequence:
Timestamp: 2008-09-24 03:18:22 UTC

And the winner of Snowbound Colorado Christmas is Dana (Dananadmarsh)

I am thinking about posting the winner in the comments of the orginial post. What does everyone think of that?


cheryl c said...

Congrats, Mary!! :-)

Brittanie, did you ever pick a winner for Snowbound Colorado Christmas?

Bookfool said...

When I do drawings, the original post becomes my announcement post because I always make drawing posts sticky. And, then I just edit them. The only problem with posting the winner within the comment section would probably be that you post frequently enough that the original post might end up buried, so to speak (hard to find). But, you contact the winners, right? So, probably no big deal.

Merry said...

Thanks again, Brittanie! I am looking forward to reading this.

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