Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday Salon

The Sunday
* I read "Legacy of Secrets" by Sara Mitchell today.

* It is a Love Inspired Historical for the month of April.

* Amid the splendors and miseries of the Gilded Age Neala Shaw suddenly found herself entirely alone. The innocent young heiress—penniless now—had no choice but to face her family's fatal legacy of secrets and lies. And as she fled from a ruthless killer, nothing stood between her and certain death but a man unlike any she had ever known….
Grayson Faulkner's years as a detective and bounty hunter had marked him forever, leading him far from his once-strong values. But as he sought to protect this very special young woman—masquerading as her suitor, to save her reputation and her very life—he began to wonder if her selfless love and limitless faith could somehow guide even him home….
* My Review: I loved this book. It was a good mystery and love story combined. I look forward to future novels by her for this line. :)

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